Wrath of the lich king & Retail Bot


1 Pc
(minimal 16gb ram and 4 cores).
2 Pcs
(minimal 8gb and 2 cores).

9.99 €/m(3 month bundle)

No extra programs needed
Most reasonable priced bot for World of Warcraft Wrath of the lich king and Retail wow

Great community

Join our friendly discord community with many users.

Our Wrath of the lich king Bot

Here we show you a quick run of the bot doing a grinding routine in classic wow!


General Settings

In this tab you can set up your looting options, how often to visit the vendor, what pause key  to use and more. The default pause key is ESC but can easily be change to any other key to fit your preferences.

Utility Options

Utility Options Will allow you to close wow after certain minutes or even after certain deaths. You can also put in your details to let the bot take breaks and resume its work later.

Screenshots can be made from whispers or even exit the game. A more common is option is to play sound upon whispers to get notified when someone is potentially suspicious.

Combat options

The option to customize combat rotations is a great feature that can speed up leveling and make your bot perform better. Everything is done in milliseconds and a very awesome feature is the skinning option for those interested in making some extra gold.



What is so special about Squirebot?

The bot is pixel based and using virtualization techniques makes it impossible to get detected. The bot is also just used in small scale and has low attention from blizzard


How to use the bot after purchase?

 You will receive an email with license key, bot files and an installation video. If you are having any trouble following the video feel free to reach out to us at the discord channel


How to make profiles?

You will be provided a profile maker program with a video on how to use. The discord channel also has many premade profiles for classic wow


Is there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. It will only cost 9.99$ in total. The only thing you will have to invest besides that is your time to play with the program


Where can you find us?






What do users say about Squirebot?

Dominus Discord

– Another 5 bots made it to 60 – 11 days played time on high populated servers

Ying Ying Discord

– 5 Stars for Support Service

David91 Discord

– True support is great

Advinger Discord

– Bot works fantastic and superb support