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I’ve made a rotation for shadow priest. Just make sure you got a good wand.
You can also add a Mind Flay after the last mind blast if you like, but this macro you will never go oom or need the drink.

Create a macro like this if you do have a wand:

/castsequence reset=target Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay, Mind Blast, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot, !Shoot,

Combat Tab:

Spells and buffs

Spell#1 Key:4(Power Word: Shield) CD: 16000 CT: 1000
Spell#2 Key:2(macro) CD:450 CT:450
Engage Key:1 Mind Blast (Will change it to Vamp Touch at lvl 50 and add Mind Blast in the macro instead)

Buff#1 Key: 5 (Power Word: Fortitude) CD:1800000 CT:1000
Buff#2 Key: 6 (Inner Fire) CD: 100000 CT: 1000


HP: 80 Key: 4 CD: 20000 CT: 1000
HP: 40 Key: 3 (Heal) CD: 10000 CT: 6000

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