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On this grind route you kill elder ice bears, chillwind ravager chimaeras,and owls (57-59)

You should unlock your skinning at the outland trainer, because on this route you will cap skinning to 375 😉

Note that I highly recommend to have a very strong character, ideally equipped with some greens from outland or from the ah.
Best would be, to start this profile at lvl 60 (You can use the other winterspring profile to get to 60 very fast).

You will encounter pulls with 2-3 mobs at the same time quite often, so prepare your oh shit buttons, macros and cooldowns for this accordingly.

At lvl 62,the grind gets more rough, but it is still possible to go further to 63,64. Especially if your preferred outland spot is frequently visited by the players currently leveling up there.