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    kai Beardmore

    No ghost path, you can spawn in darkshore as a ghost and it screws with the ghost pathing.

    No Vendor run, i like to take my character to the city and interact with stuff so i don’t look like a bot.

    Character must be able to take on two mobs at a time, sometimes 3.

    The Wolves run away in fear at low hp, this was no problem for my shaman who just chases them with earth shock.
    Classes will have different experiences with these wolves, maybe some classes like warrior will not have a good time with them.
    The wolves run back to you after some seconds.

    My shaman had mostly green gear, but Boahn’s Fang with +9 Weapon Damage enchant.

    18 was a difficult time and if you have a weak character, you may struggle.
    I had gift of the Naaru and HP potions available for use.

    Map of Ashenvale

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