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    Squire Dajustin

    Do i need to fill in my license key everytime i start the bot?

    No, you can add it and save it with your rotation file in the Combat Tab.


    Why is my bot not moving and only jumping or clicking around the character?

    You have to watch the installation video until the end and put all settings ingame like explained in the video. When it’s only jumping you most likely forgot to enable Click to Move, Follow Terrain, resolution, ui-scale etc


    Why isn’t my character going to the vendor when i use profiles with vendor path?

    You have to put in a X minutes in the Vendor interval timer if its blank it wont go the the vendor.


    My character goes to the vendor but does not sell anything why?

    Because you need to install a Automatic repair / Junk seller Addon like Leatrix.


    How do I start I dont have any rotations to use?

    Rotation are on the Squirebot Forum free to use for every class and are updated frequently.


    How to Fix error Not able to read Coordinates from addon?

    Make sure your Remote desktop is in 800×600.

    Make sure your wow client virtual machine is in 800×600.

    Make sure your World of Warcraft is in 800×600.

    Make sure nothing is blocking the vision of the addon displaying the coordinates such as your actionbars.


    Does SquireBot support gathering such as Herbs?

    At this moment gathering is not supported, but skinning works.


    Why does my bot run around but does not attack any mobs?

    You probably didnt set the Keybinds correctly please check the installation video or Readme in the SquireBot Program.


    How long can i run my bot every day?

    You can bot as long as you want but we advice you to not bot any longer than 8-10 hours a day.


    Can i run SquireBot without VMplayer?

    You need VMware player to run the bot on 1 computer. It’s possible to remote desktop to one of your other computers but then you would have to fiddle with it yourself. We only give support following the setup video we provided.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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