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    !shoot no longer works.

    You will have to play with the settings in the bot for health and mana.

    cast time is based off of a 1.5 second wand. add the difference of your weapon to the cast time on spell #2.
    i.e. your wand is a 2.3 speed, 2.3 – 1.5 = .8. add 0800 to the cast time of spell #2 in the bot.

    Alternatively you can, for a 1.5 speed wand, use a cooldown of 2000 for spell #2 with a 1 second delay between casting but it will cast the wand twice in a row with no delay. The delay is necessary to allow the bot time to cast other spells or else it will only cast wand, stop wand, cast wand, repeat…

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