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    Here is my fairly seamless warlock rotation that has very little downtime and handles 2 mobs pretty easily if it happens. This utilizes demonology spec for felguard as well as points in affli for drain soul/drain life spam. It resummons the felguard on a timer to heal his HP/mana. Alternatively you can add health funnel to the heal pet option. I would talent for health funnel if going this route. Feel free to use whatever keybinds you want for the spells, this is just how I set them. Attaching image and xml file, but I’ll type it all out for the sake of being thorough.

    Download soulsort addon for managing soul shards

    **Misc Settings: Run to loot: 2500, wasn’t having enough time to loot

    Talents: https://tbc.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/050212-2050030133250100511351

    Spell #1: Agony/Corruption Macro (Key=1, CD=15000, CT=1000)
    Spell #2: Life Tap (Key=3, CD=10000, CT=1500)
    Spell #3: Drain Life Macro (Key=2, CD=500, CT=5000) *Check box*
    Spell #4:
    Engage: Agony/Corruption Macro (Key=1, Duration Empty, CT=1000)

    Summon Pet: Fel Dom/Felguard macro (key=Q)
    Assist Pet: Assist Macro (Key=5)

    Buff#1: Soul Link (Key=e, CD=600000, CT=2000) *10min in case of pet death*
    Buff#2: Demon(or Fel) Armor (Key=R, CD=1800000, CT=1000)
    Buff#3: Conjure Healthstone (Key=f, CD=600000, CT=3000)

    Healthstone- HP 35%, Key=C, CD=120000, CT=500
    Drain Life Macro- HP 75%, Key=2, CD=500, CT=5000
    Life Tap- MP 50%, Key=3, CD=5000, CT=500
    Drain Soul Macro- TargetHP 19%, Key 4, CD 500, CT= 10000 (kinda long)

    **Eating/Drinking: self explanatory. HP35%, MP 30%.

    **After Loot:
    Summon Felguard (HP 100%, Key=7, CD=90000, CT=7000)
    **Sometimes works all the time, sometimes only sometimes. Health Funnel won’t give him mana**

    Key 1:
    /ss sort
    /castsequence reset=target Curse of Agony, Corruption

    Key 2:
    #showtooltip Drain Life
    /cast [nochanneling: Drain Life] Drain Life

    Key 4:
    #showtooltip Drain Soul
    /cast [nochanneling: Drain Soul] Drain Soul

    /assist Petname

    Key Q:
    #showtooltip Summon Felguard
    /cast Fel Domination
    /cast Summon Felguard(Summon)

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    i get stuck in a felguard summon loop

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