Premium Bundle Classic Profiles Alliance and Horde 40-80




This is pack with premium profiles for Alliance and Horde to level up 40-80

These include graveyard runs and also vendor runs to sell greys to make money.

This Does not include a key to run Squirebot


  • You will have to download a automatic junk seller addon of your choice.
  • When this Premium bundle will get updated with more or updated profiles you will be contacted on discord for your updated files



  • Graveyard pathing to body each profile
  • Vendoring pathing to vendor and back to huntspot
  • Level 40-60 Horde profiles
  • Level 40-60 Alliance profiles
  • Level 60-70 Profiles
  • Level 70-80 Profiles
  • Mini map where to start
  • Optimal chosen leveling spots

So your character can run completely independently.